Share Savings- An interest-bearing life savings account. By maintaining a minimum balance of $5, you are eligible for opening any of the other accounts offered. The initial $5 deposit remains in the account for the life of the account. Should you, however, choose to close the account, the money is yours.

Share Draft- A checking account that’s totally free and interest-bearing with no minimum balance. Pay only for the checks themselves. There are several check designs offered through Harland Clarke, so you’re sure to find one that fits your own unique personality. Member must be 18 years of age unless parent or guardian is willing to accept financial responsibility as co-owner of account. TeleCheck International, Inc. will be used to verify member’s financial history. $25.00 Insufficient Fund Fee per Item

Check writing

ATM/Debit Card Use for any point-of-sale (POS) purchase. Allows 24-hour access to both savings and checking accounts at any ATM machine with the Cirrus, pulse, &/OR CO-OP logos. Offered only to those members with open checking accounts in good standing.

Cirrus logoPULSE logoCO-OP Network Logo

Christmas Club- A contributive goal savings account only. The member makes deposits at his/her leisure. Begins every year on November 1st. Proceeds to be made available the middle of the following October. Checks are typically mailed on, or around October 15th unless directed otherwise.

Vacation Club- A contributive goal savings account only. The member makes deposits at his/her leisure. Begins every year on September 1st. Proceeds to be made available the beginning of the following May.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)- Term investments. Dividends are paid quarterly (payable options available upon request). Rates are subject to change at the Board of Directors’ discretion. Currently offering 12, 18, & 24-month CDs. Special promotions are available periodically. And now offering a HUGZ Youth Certificate. All rates are competitive with other local financial institutions. See current RATES.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)- Term Investments within the account with the purpose of providing available retirement funds. Withdrawable without penalty at age 59 1/2. Early withdrawals subject to taxation penalties by the IRS. Contributions may be made weekly, monthly, or yearly. Dividends based on 12-month Certificate of Deposit. Tax credits may apply. See current RATES.

Loans- We offer several types of loans including automobile, ATV, motorcycle, boat, trailer, camper, share/certificate secured, and personal loans. Payments may be made in cash, check, transfer, direct deposit, or automatic payments. Applications are available in person, by mail, or on-line. Please submit completed applications to SMCCU. All applicants must sign and date the application. And, all applicants must sign for the final closing procedures before checks can be issued. See current RATES.


CU On-line- Beginning in January of 2008, Southeast Credit Union launched “CU On-line.” It’s the credit union’s version of on-line banking. We prefer to call it “on-line credit unioning.” Members are able to access their account information & perform on-line transactions within their own account via a home or work PC. 

On-site ATM Machine The on-site ATM machine is up and running. Be sure to check it out the next time you need fast cash. There are NO fees to credit union members. Non-members pay only $1.50 per usage. The ATM is available for drive-thru or walk-up access.

Picture depicting ATM machine

Mortgage Solutions We have partnered with Mortgage Solutions to provide a referral for those members interested in a home mortgage loan. They are promised to have great competitive interest rates with low loan fees on a variety of financing options. It is free to apply for pre-approval. For more information, or to start the approval process, click the link below or call 866/533-1720.

Mortgage Solutions

Other Services

Drive-Thru Window – available for drive-up customers only

Night Depository Slot – located in the front door at the bottom, left side

Notary Public – FREE for members, $2.00 per signature for non-members

Postage Stamps

Fax Machine – first five (5) pages a month FREE, $1.00 per page thereafter

Over-Draft Protection Courtesy Pay

Check Cashing – $2.00 or FREE to those members who have an active account with a $25 balance or a loan in good standing

Stop Pay – $20.00 per check

Wire Transfers – $5.00 per transfer

Credit Union Teller Checks

Cashier’s Checks – first three (3) FREE per month, $1.50 thereafter; members only

Direct Deposit Payroll Deduction