Who owns the credit union?

A credit union is owned and operated by its members. As a cooperative, a credit union is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected from the membership at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors, in turn, hires employees to execute the daily operations of the credit union.
When you become a member of a credit union, you own a share in that credit union. All profits go back to the members in the form of lower loan rates and higher savings rates.

Field of Membership

Because credit unions are cooperatives, membership is limited to a select group determined by the credit union and its regulatory agency.
Our field of membership pertains to anyone employed with AT&T and its subsidiaries. This includes all persons retired from all such employment and their immediate family.
The field of membership also extends to include St. Francois County, Ste. Genevieve County, Madison County & Washington County. All employers/employees and residents, and their family are eligible for membership.

Once you become a member of SMCCU, you’re a member for life whether you move, change jobs, or retire.
There are no membership dues, only benefits.

Signature Card

A signature card (application for membership) may be obtained in one of three ways: (1) in person at our office located at 312 W. Main St. in Park Hills, (2) by requesting us to mail all information to your place of residence, or (3) online. An initial deposit of $5.00 is required, plus a copy of the primary owner’s driver license and proof of residence, if necessary.

The initial deposit establishes your membership and ownership in the credit union. It provides you with access to all other offered services, as well as voting privileges at our Annual Meeting.
The primary owner and any joint owners, if applicable, must sign and date the signature card.
If you wish to not have a joint owner on your account, a beneficiary is greatly recommended. This is helpful to you, as a member, in the event of an unexpected situation requiring legal disbursement of funds.
In the case of share accounts for minors, their parent or guardian must print the minor’s name and then sign his/her own name beneath it.

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